If you show up on this page, I'd say you're PFC. Stop in to find pics of some of the coolest people we know. You never know who's going to turn up here or sometimes even why--but we'll know, and you can trust that these beings are extraordinarily cool in at least one way, and we'd like to have it be known. Keep checking back, maybe you'll even find your face here one day!

Disclaimer: Photos are randomly posted in no specific order to suffer neither ego nor insult (though we will admit we put Bret up first in case of any kind of crazy web faux-pas or html glitch/error thing happening--we knew no matter what he wouldn't yell at us).
Brett Ford (TigerShark Video) hosting the PBS broadcast of Showcase featuring The Power of 3

Bret Ford
Ron Yocom and Brett Ford having a little snicker at something

Here, The Man In Black. No, not Johnny Cash, but Bret Ford of Tiger Shark Video, shown here hosting the local PBS broadcast "Showcase" that
featured The Power of 3

Andrew Skakel hanging out (in an attempted disguise ha-ha)

One Andrew Skakel...undercover maybe? I can't actually remember, I think I snapped this shot at The Dume Room and--as anyone who's frequented the wild and very popular Malibu watering hole knows--partying DOWN was how it went at former Roadrunner Mario Vitale's place knows, I do believe Mr. Skakel was the first to so graciously put up and care for The P.O.T. on our first road trip to Malibu. Yep, Andrew's pretty stand-up...or in his case maybe we should just say "Surf's up!"

 Cosmos framed in yellow

Cosmos, a.k.a. THE Coolest, THE Sweetest, THE Coziest, THE Smartest, THE Cuddliest, THE Smoothest, THE Mostest, THE Handsomest Best Bud Ever. And it just goes on. Cosmos only knows and gives love: Cosmos IS Love. I wish everyone could be like him. And I wish I had a tail. Me-OW!

TRISH WILCOX in a rare shot with her guitar on the beach in Malibu

Trish Wilcox (a.k.a. Patricia Wilcox) of Wilcox Photography ~ Malibu, our photographeress extraordinaire! She's usually the one doing the capturing, but I snagged this (I know it's shaky, but it's all I've got!) in between her camera switch at a photoshoot she did for The Power of 3...all of the ocean beach shots of The P.O.T. at Pointe Dume and The Dume Room (oh yeah, and I do believe a few clubs, like Spaceland and The Canyon Club in Hollywood) were courtesy of our girl as well. Damn, we love this chick!

GARY WILCOX hard at work editing WHITESTARR videos

Gary Wilcox of Wilcox Studio Presents, videographer extraordinaire, who made The Power of 3's video Shapeshifter. Hard at work here, as usual! 

HOLBROOK TETER and Russian friends at Chernobyl Conference 10 years after the disaster where UNIVERSAL BLACK headlined at ECO-ROCK the benefit relief concert for the victims

Holbrook Teter, community healer, who brought us to Belarus to perform at ECO-ROCK, benefit relief concert for the victims of Chernobyl at the 10th anniversary of the disaster. Holbrook is pictured here (on the right) with friends at the conference.

JIMMIE YOCOM (R.I.P.) smiling big
JIMMIE YOCOM ~ Omg, how could JAMES of all people been over-looked until now?!?! Apologies! Jimmie is SO one of the coolest and has helped The P.O.T. SO much, WE LOVE YOU JIMMIE!!! ...and (even if Ronnie can't bring himself to say it to your face) you are SO much appreciated!!! Thank you!
~ xoxo

JEFF GREENE and RON YOCOM hanging at THE OLD VIC in Santa Rosa

Jeff Greene, who may or may not know it, was integral to my growth as a songwriter!
Pictured here (right) with Ron Yocom at
The Old Vic in Santa Rosa.



We thank The Universe every day for Reality Check TV, our gateway to sanity!
Don't know how communities outside RCTV's broadcast realm even stay in existence.
If there's a hip event going on, RCTV is there...thanks to Danny, Ace, Huge and guys ROCK!

Steven from ASCAP Member Services ~ Hoping to find a photo and/or at least a last name for this rare being.
He uses his brain and goes the extra mile.
Steven, you totally ROCK!



Reggie Ballard ~ finally a "now" pic that captures this former Xenodromer's sweetness and passion! (Hey! What is it you're looking at anyways, Reginald?!) ~ xoxo

 Reggie's all, "Where's Claire?! What happened to Claire?!"

And Noir-man's all, "Anita?! Don't worry about it! She's probably paying her phone bill...I'M back and that's all that matters!" (Look how happy he is!)
NORMAN SABEL smiling big (yet looking like he's up to no good ha-ha)  

Norman ~ Re-instated on account of...well, look at that face! Couldn't really leave him out in the cold for long
especially since he's usually pretty much cool...  ; ) 

 Elizabeth ('Liz') ~ removed on account of hella uncool actions