I wanna tell you all about my baby
He’s the best show goin’ down, he’s unrated
Doesn’t advertise around, yet everyone’s aching
For a front row seat, but they’re all taken—by me
Well you know when I first saw him
He was going thru a sinister tailspin
But somehow he let me in
Took me to spaces I’d never been

He’s got it goin’ on, my baby
He’s got it goin’ on, it’s crazy
The way he turns me on, it’s the latest
He’s got it goin’ on, my baby’s the greatest

Yeah, we were makin’ naked all the time
And slipping in and out of each others' minds
He took me up so high
Wanting me all the time
But then something changed
He turned me away
And not just once, but twice...
It didn’t really feel so nice
I just didn’t get it

What’s goin’ on?!
This scene just doesn’t belong
Either dig on me or I’ll be gone
Don’t you get it
What’s goin’ on
I wanna know...

But he didn’t say
No, no, no, he just walked away
I felt so jaded, I got my keys and played...
But then he came and he made
Love like fine wine
Told me he was just being a cantankerous guy
As he whispered sweetly in my ear, I was reminded
Just how much I loved his mind, yeah

When he’s got it goin’ on
Now he’s got it goin’ on again lately
He’s got it goin’ on
I hope he can stay that way
If he could only see how sweet it is
When he’s got it goin’ on

Down on the street or up on the stage, now
He’s got that look and he’s got that sound
Now he’s got me, I think I’ll stick around
Everyone’ll be wondering just what it is
That’s goin’ down
Cuz I’m gone on my baby
He’s got it goin’ on
My bad-ass sage, he is
Turning me so on, it’s outrageous
Where’d he get that charm?
I wonder...